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One of the most specialized types of accounting involves corporate taxes. Many firms are not equipped to do both the bookkeeping and file your return. That’s where we step in. No need to prepare a package for another accountant to file your tax return, we handle it all. We have dedicated teams of accountants that specialize in corporate tax to make tax season a breeze.

Tax laws and rules are in a constant state of flux.

Accounting professionals keep up to date so you don’t have to. With every law that changes, we make sure you’re covered.

Take control of your business finances and make better decisions. Take the guesswork out of taxes and let us show you how accounting has changed, for the better.

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What You Get with Our Corporate Tax Services.

Know What You Owe

Don’t make spending decisions based on what you think you owe. With Ledgerly, you will have a plan so you know what you will owe.

Leverage Every Tax Advantage

From a sole proprietorship to a corporation, there are many different ways to structure your company. Our Tax Professionals help you build a structure that works for you.

Painless Filing

We get everything you need, prepare your year-end financial statements and file your return. One package, done right.

Why you need a Corporate Tax Accountant.

A small business can greatly benefit from the expertise of a corporate tax accountant for several crucial reasons.

Firstly, tax regulations are complex and constantly changing, making it challenging for business owners to stay compliant and optimize their tax strategies. A skilled corporate tax accountant can navigate this intricate landscape, ensuring that the business takes advantage of available deductions, credits, and exemptions to minimize tax liabilities legally.

Secondly, having a tax expert on board can help prevent costly mistakes or audits by accurately preparing tax returns and maintaining meticulous financial records. Additionally, they can provide valuable advice on structuring the business to minimize taxes, plan for future growth, and offer insights into financial strategies that can enhance profitability.

In essence, a corporate tax accountant is an indispensable partner for small businesses, ensuring financial efficiency, compliance, and peace of mind.

While some bookkeepers know how to do taxes, they typically focus on the basics. They don’t have the deep understanding that a trained professional would have. That’s why we have a team of accountants that know the tax act like the back of their hand and will make sure we maximize your deductions and remain fully compliant.

Yes, even if you don’t have any sales, or generated a loss, you are legally required to file a tax return for your business. Taxable income is calculated differently from your business income and in some cases you might have taxable income, even though you returned a business loss. Our team of experts will look after all of this for you.

Your due date will depend on the type of entity (sole proprietor vs corporation) and your incorporation date (when you created your corporation). Generally, sole proprietors are required to file their return by June 15th; whereas corporations are required to file their returns within 6 months from their corporate year end.

Yes, CRA will impose a 5% penalty on the unpaid tax, plus 1% for each full month that a return is late, up to a maximum of 12 months.

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